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Creative Kiks

Bite-size workshops; ready to give your classroom, community or event an inspiration boost.

For festivals and events, we offer drop-in, family-friendly fun. Participants can get involved easily and create something at their own pace. Sometimes art to take away, other times contributing to a collective artwork. We can also pop-up with Belle, our workshop tent, where space allows.


For schools and community groups, our whole class / group workshops provide an inspiration boost through exploring topics and materials creatively, supporting participants individually or in small groups to develop, realise and share their ideas. These workshops are also a great way to kick off a term, or project, where the children need a fun way to learn about each other and build group identity. 

No two workshops are the same, as the participants are the mystery ingredient that give our creative kiks a different flavour and texture each time. We use our creative learning framework to ensure that every workshop is an active, authentic and appropriate experience.


These kiks have been quality tested by young creators, who say they ‘smell happy, feel like friendship and taste fun and unique’. See what other collaborators say about their experience of working with us here


Contact us if you would like to co-design or tailor a workshop especially for your theme or curriculum topic.

Making Friends

2.5 to 3 hour workshop suitable for ages 7-13

In this workshop we work in pairs or small groups to create life sized cardboard cut out friends. What will they be called, how will they look and what do they like to do?  Culture Shift will help you to work out the details as you get to know your new real-life design partner and friend.

Dream Journey

2.5 to 3 hour workshop suitable for ages 7-13

It all starts with dimmed lights and soothing music.  Then Culture Shift take you on an imaginary journey to your favourite place. What will you see, hear, smell, feel and explore? We sketch what it is we have seen in our imagination and then convert this into a wonderful 3D model using a variety of creative resources.  

Box Heads

2 hour workshop suitable for ages 7-13

What makes you, you?  In this workshop we work out what makes you unique.  Using your personality, your hobbies and your interests as a starting point we then use a variety of creative media to help you to create 'box heads'. 

Who sleeps here?

Drop-in workshop for families

Have you seen? There’s a BED in.. the library, your playground, the forest, a tent! Who sleeps here? Is it a person, an animal, a monster?


Participants are invited to imagine who the bed belongs to and bring their ideas to life on the bed coverings using fabric, scrap materials, glue and pens.

Art Picnic

Drop-in workshop for families/ 2 hour workshop for ages 5+

Getting together with friends over food is the best way to find out about new cultures, traditions and to try something new.  And we also use this workshop to explore what happens when the picnic blanket gets messy.  Who knew that a splodge can become a ship or a monster or a castle!  Artist Lucy helps us to explore these messy possibilities!

Making waves

Drop in workshop suitable for ages 7-13, under 7's with an adult

Make waves and create hand-cut stencils, inspired by the sea. Participants can play around with the stencils during the workshop, using water on the ground to make temporary art work, or by using eco-friendly spray paint on paper and creating designs to take home.


The workshop uses craft knives and spray paint so children must be accompanied by an adult.


Drop in workshop suitable for ages 7-13, under 7's with an adult

Make your own, fake, spy kit from recycled materials. Create a spy camera, binoculars, periscope, or other low-tech gadgets, gizmos and disguises. Culture Shift’s art spy, Agent Lucy, is on hand for inspiration and help. The workshop will use hot glue guns and craft knives – children should be accompanied by an adult.

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