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creative learning projects

Our creative learning projects are designed in partnership with schools and communities in response to an idea or theme that is then investigated over time through a series of creative workshops. In the creative space, participating children have time to imagine, explore, make art based on their ideas and choices, reflect on the process and have a say in how the project develops.


Culture Shift staff and partnering teachers, parents and community leaders, respond to, support and learn alongside the children. We use our creative learning principles to create a flexible, framework for each project. At the start, the initial workshops and an end exhibition or celebratory event will be mapped out, but what happens in between is guided and built by the group as we develop and create together.


The benefits of working in this way are, that it:

  • Enables participants to acquire and apply creative skills as appropriate to their own exploratory process.

  • Opens your eyes to different ways of seeing and doing things and encourages appreciation of diversity.

  • Creates connections between people, places and ideas and builds relationships and community.

  • Can help you to define and re-invent your identity, to express your thoughts and feelings and increase your well-being.

  • Increases engagement in and ownership of the process and project.

  • Is fun and hyggeligt!


Our creative learning principles ensure that participants have an appropriate, authentic and active experience in each project.

We’d love to hear your, or the children’s ideas and find out how we can make a creative space together with you.


We are an independent, not-for-profit organisation and our work is supported by service fees and fundraising. Costs vary, depending on the project developed and we are also happy to work with you to develop funding applications for projects. For artist-in-residence work in connection with the Open School initiative in Denmark, there is funding available here and often through your local Kommune.

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