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It’s time to pack our Belong bags!

Updated: Jul 5, 2018

Today was another important creative day for the children in Billund! This time the location changed and we had our artistic base in the Idrætcenter in Billund. We met on the football pitch outside the sports center and Lucy introduced the plan of the day. The sun was shining and the children could warm up by playing and running around freely before starting with their new project.

“Do you guys remember what you dreamt last week during the dream journey?” With this question Culture Shift introduced the task for today to the children from the Billund group.

This consisted of choosing one element from the dream journey workshop that they went through last week...focusing on what it is absolutely essential to have with us in order to feel at home and to belong. The Billund Artists then had to recreate these items using scrap materials in an imaginative way.

The second task was to pack those elements ready for the journey. Here, the children could decorate paper bags, cardboard boxes or the pillow cases from the last workshop.

“If you could only choose one single and essential element to take with you during the journey, what would it be?”

We had a quick chat and reflection about what is important in our lives, and discussed how we could pack our whole house into a small bag.. is it really the physical house we would like to take with us?

“It is what is inside my house, maybe I can take my family with me… and my cat!”

Friends, toys, music and food, filled the Belong bags. Someone, instead of designing a bag, built a book with all the possible books of the world inside. It’s incredible to think about the level of insight into people’s lives you can get by looking at their creations; you feel like you get to know them better every time: their passions, their worries, their past stories and wishes for the future.

The kids today particularly enjoyed working with different techniques and materials, whilst they also expressed their preference for activities that involve teamwork and collaboration: together is better!

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