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Jelling on tour!

Updated: Jul 5, 2018

One of the main aims of the Belong project is to create bridges between different cities, schools and cultures, in order for the children to develop collaboration and to make new friendships. Today, in Jelling, the children received the postcards from the Billund artists’ photo tour, and their faces were so happy and excited when they realised that other young people, in another place, are actually going through the same art project.

Inspired by the postcards we received, we went out on a photographic tour around Jelling, where the children, divided in three groups, took pictures of the best parts of ‘their Jelling’ using disposable cameras. Where would you take a friend who visits Jelling? What would you show to him/her?

A few instructions were given beforehand about the differences between digital and analogical (analogue?) images. We had an overview of the camera’s parts, where to press the button, where to put our eyes and the fact that there are a limited amount of pictures available in these kind of cameras. This was a new challenge for the Belong participants that resulted in a good collaboration as they helped each other to share the cameras fairly. For us adults, the generational gap with the children was clear to see! For the children this activity represented a new adventure, opening up for them another field of vision: the power of the light touching the surface of the film, something completely different from just touching the screen of your smartphone –– it’s amazing how fast technology evolves!!

And finally out on tour, the best part of the day! Some of us met a horse on the way to the “shoe sculpture” in Jelling. It was a fun and exciting activity, especially to notice how the children were using the disposable cameras in the way that they would do with smartphones making selfies.

What resulted from this outdoor walk was good teamwork, collaboration and the fair play of the children: they used their maths skills to make sure that everyone in the group had his/her chance and time to experiment and play with the camera.

What does it mean to belong?

“Family”, “friends”, “our teachers”, “country, both Denmark and my own country of origin”

How would you make someone feel welcome?

“We should play with them and have fun together”, “help each other”, and “have an happy heart”.

Toward the end of this experience with Belong, children again demonstrated how wise and thoughtful they are; how they can take out from their minds and hearts what is really important in order to feel at home and feel safe in a new place.


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