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Through the streets of Jelling

Updated: Jul 5, 2018

Velkom til! We said with a bit of sadness hidden in our eyes, knowing that today was the last time we would welcome the Jelling children to the ReMida center, in this, the last of seven workshops.

In fact the next meeting is going to be in Jelling Friskole, where the children will exhibit and show to their families all their creations, as well as participating in a concert prepared by the young musicians from the Belong music workshop.

The children today got to see the pictures they had taken with the disposable cameras (take a look at the post dated 7th June). During the week I had taken them to be developed at the photography shop. Together with the sales assistant in the shop, we couldn’t help ourselves in taking a sneak preview of what the children had made, and we were so excited when we saw the results. The pics were clear, funny and also framed perfectly!

At the workshop Lucy cut four big sheets of cardboard and taped them together. She then sketched the main features of Jelling, showing the railway and the streets. The participants started dividing all the pictures, which totalled more than 150, into categories: green, buildings, streets, people, animals.

Once we had reflected about the best parts of Jelling which we had portrayed in the pictures, the task now was to recreate a map of the town, adding everything that was missing: what would we like to have in Jelling that is not there at the moment?

Picking up one category per group, they started to paste the pictures on the cardboard to form a map of the town, cutting sometimes the images, drawing on them, or pasting other elements in order to create Tivoli, ice cream shops, more animals, candies etc. Some of the group were more experimental, using the picture just in its material form to cut out the content - elements such as trees or sculptures. Other groups preferred to keep the image intact, focusing on the colours and patterns, using pencils to draw on them and pasting them one close to the other keeping the symmetries and similarities.

We closed the workshop by looking at our new and beautiful town created by the Jelling Belong artists: Jelling now contains more swimming pools, Tivoli, ice cream shops and definitely more and more animals around. We also reflected on what belonging means to being proud and it’s laughing and joking and being funny.

See you next week for the final exhibition of those great artists in Jelling Friskole at 2pm!


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